4:34am – 4/4/2016

I wonder if he’s going to give me a call today. I hope he does. Can’t get him off my mind nor heart, not even for a second. Although I am not saying that I have a problem with him being there… it just amazes me. I can’t help but to wonder what God has in store for this, for us. Everything happens for a reason and he hasn’t brought this, us back for no reason. I won’t push the thought.  God got this, I’ll just indulge in the moment. I pray he is having sweet dreams. That his smiles are brighter and his heart fuller. God I’ve missed him. Please let him know he’s loved and missed by someone like me. Xoxo Luis Andres. From this side to your side of New York City, I’m missing you, wishing you were next to me. Xoxo


Te quiero,

Te amo,



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